We are the manufacturer of variety of PLC Based Control Panel.

We have successful sites using PLC Panels like Substation Control, Leaker Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Beverage Plant PLC Panel, Edible Oil Refinery PLC Panel, Hydro Plant PLC Panel & etc.

A team of 10 plus can be at your service for any kind of electrical & automation work. You will get a one–stop solution to your electrical & automation needs. Unload your burden – as many engineering companies have done. The team’s experience covers Cement, Sulphuric Acid, Water Treatment, Pumping Stations, DG / AMF, Edible Oil Refineries, Air Dryers, Material Handling Equipment, Plastic Processing Machines etc.

Your final products is tested visually, for Insulation Level, at Hi Voltage and finally functionally tested. We conduct in house Primary & Secondary Injection test. Tested as per IS: 8623 for Short circuit at 50kA, IP- 54 and Temperature Rise at CPRI, all your products are tested at each stage.