LT Panel

Our vast range comprises LT Panels that are manufacturing with using high quality electrical components like ACB, MCCB, SFU, Protection Relay with Aluminium & Copper Busbar as per Requirement of Clients, Consultants Specifications. That will be huge Application in Industries, Big Commercial Complex, these LT panel are designed in such a manner that installed in substation to enable to for proper Power Distribution selective fault protection & contact isolation capabilities. L T panels are design with such a manner that Single / Multiple incomer, Bus coupler with proper interlocking to enable for power distribution selective fault protection & selective. Fault Level will be maintain with Transformer Specifications.

  • Our LT Panels are designed to work with low consumption of electricity which makes it cost effective.
  • They are easy to install, Operate and maintain which makes its user friendly.
  • Our L T Panels are in wide demand and we offer the same at competitive rates in the market.